Tucked up in the hills of Japan –hidden from thieves and marauders, sheltered from storms and floods –stands a Kura. A storehouse. A reserve. A structure which holds goods and supplies –always stocked and ready to provide to those who have a key.

But this is no ordinary Kura. Its’ owners give the key out liberally to all who are in need of food, drink, a place to recuperate and relax. 

Upon entering, you are met with the delicious smell of food mixed with the earthy wood and clay in which everything is constructed. From above, below, and on all the walls are cupboards and cabinets, compartments and hidden drawers. Maneuvering yourself around shelves lined with jars full of exotic herbs, fish and fireflies, hanging pots filled with plants, you finally find your place among the barrels and earthen boxes. 

The spirit is always merry and warm in this cozy safe haven where supplies never run out and all who enter have their needs met, are fed, taken care of and satisfied. Those who frequent Kura are members of a family of protectors and connoisseurs of the stores stocks and supplies. 

Liz Grisaitis


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Matteo Capon


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Angie Walsh


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